We deliver results based on your aspirations by translating processes and decisions into software and IT solutions, thus making your business most efficient and financially beneficial. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s business agenda – they are fully “fintegrated”.
  • We truly appreciate that Fintegry always keeps its promises while performingprofessionally and on time. Communication with professionals of their area helps toachieve maximum results, which turn into mutually beneficial cooperation.
    J. Turauskas
  • Professional staff who is able to listen well to the specifics and needs of the customer. Adistinctive feature of working with Fintegry is their fast and non-standard solutions,flexible response to specific project challenges.
    R. Morkūnas
    OP Bank
  • I consider Fintegry an agile, innovative, and client-oriented Fintech/IT company having ahighly professional team, being able of boosting any business with their solutions.
    A. Šilkonis
  • We cooperate with Fintegry in the implementation of complex projects. It is a reliable,experienced team that looks creatively at the challenges we face while offering theiradvanced solutions. Fintegry is a responsible and accountable partner that makes it easyto create solutions and achieve our business goals.
    G. Jurkonienė
  • I am truly satisfied with our partnership with Fintegry as their team of experts laid theinitial foundation for Ondato platform. I am confident to say, that Fintegry's experienced,professional team is always prepared to hear out your business needs and offerinnovative and advanced solutions.
    L. Kanapienis
  • We have been cooperating with Fintegry since 2017. We highly value the long-term partnership, as Fintegry always helps us to find the most optimal solutions and implement them in a timely manner, because of the team‘s extensive experience in IT projects, particularly in the financial sector. Even during the design or evaluation stage, we often apply at Fintegry experts to get professional suggestions and insights.
    R. Stasevičius
    Mozipo Group